Personal training with Fit With Me personal trainers is the most effective way to be active and healthy, and reach your fitness goals.


Our personal trainers are dedicated to understanding you.  We know everyone is different, and that there is no single training plan that works for everyone.  Fit With Me personal trainers make sure that your training is built around and focussed on exactly what you want to achieve.  Together, we can get you there.



What our clients say about personal training...

My introduction to Fit With Me was a group session and I immediately noticed something different from other trainers - Filipa was motivated and having fun, and so were her clients. 

I began a routine of individual training, and Filipa is always introducing me to exercises I have never done before. She is always on time, prepared, and has no time for distractions - I am always pushed to my limit, but only to my limit and only with perfect form.

I have seen results like I’ve never seen before and am in the shape of my life thanks to Filipa's training. If you're willing to work hard and want to see real results, it doesn’t get any better than this.

- Richard Georgi
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